Excerpt from "Scherzo", by Dobri Paliev. This is dynamic and exciting piece with elements of Bulgarian national melodies and rhythms.

Excerpt from "Dzon", by Pasquale Tassone, with the Arlington High School Honors Orchestra. This piece was written for Ms. Zakarian commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Alan Hovannes, noted composer of contemporary music who was an Arlington native.

Excerpt from “Concert for Marimba”, by Tzenko Minkin. This snippet displays the four-mallet technique of the artist. Observe if you can see the mallets chaining angle and spacing as she plays.

Aisha’s dance from the ballet “Gayane’, by Aram Khachaturian. A melodic and slow rhythm, dementsrating the mystery of the marimba.

From the ethnomusicologist, “Komitas”. This is a transcription written by the artist.

Exploring the musicality of the marimba. “Katamiy” by Sejourné is a contemporary piece.